Photos from the book

most of the photographs in the book were taken by Hiram Bingham

Hiram Bingham at his tent door near Machu Picchu. The story of Hiram Bingham and his discovery of Machu Picchu is the stuff of Hollywood movie scripts and our most romantic notions of the life of an archaeologist. In fact, it is probably no coincidence that the hat you see here on Bingham's head is almost identical to the one made famous by that most romantic of archaeologists, Indiana Jones, in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

HB III at tent

The bridge across the Urubamba River just below Machu Picchu.
"The bridge was a primitive structure made of a few logs lashed together. Arteaga and the soldier took off their shoes for better footing, but Bingham, unwilling to go barefoot, crawled across on hands and knees."

crossing the Urubamba River

Hiram Bingham and his family at the family summer home in Connecticut in 1908. Pictured from left to right and back to front are his father Hiram II, his son Hiram IV, Hiram III, his Aunt Lydia Bingham Coan, his wife Alfreda and his other sons Alfred, Charles and Woodbridge.

Hiram Bingham family

Doorway to an Inca palace at Vitcos.
"It was only fifteen days since Bingham's discovery of Machu Picchu. What he now saw and identified was the remains of the last Inca capital. ... He identified the place as Vitcos, where the fleeing Inca ruler had set up his court after the failure of his attempt to retake Cuzco."

Inca palace doorway at Vitcos

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